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Article: Mother's Day: fun gift ideas with Basile

Fête des mères : les idées cadeaux plaisir avec Basile

Mother's Day: fun gift ideas with Basile

Mother's Day takes place on the last Sunday of May. The opportunity to remind your mom that she matters to you and to thank her for her unfailing presence on a daily basis. Yes, but it is not always easy to find the inspiration to please him. Basile offers you several gift ideas for Mother's Day : something to surprise your mom for on this special day.

How to please your mom for Mother's Day?

The goal for Mother's Day is to get closer to your mom . It's a special day to remind him and show him that you love him. Basile offers you some gift ideas to please him.

A day just for her for Mother's Day

One way to please your mom is to plan a nice day for her. Take care of the chores she had planned for that day so she can relax. Prepare a breakfast for her and continue to spoil her with little touches throughout the day.

You can also organize a family meal if you have brothers and sisters: your mother will appreciate spending the day surrounded by all her children. The watchword for her is to enjoy and have a good time , remember that this special day is hers.

A mother-daughter day punctuated with small pleasures

Your mom is just waiting for this: to have a good time with you. In this case, no doubt, a mother-daughter day

Then, extend the rest of the day with a moment of relaxation : massage, hammam, treatments, etc. An afternoon shopping is also a great idea if you and your mom are fond of it. Do not hesitate to punctuate the day with a small snack or to conclude it around an ultra- friendly mother-daughter aperitif.

A family day around an activity

If your mom enjoys sports or outdoor activities: take the opportunity to organize a day with your siblings . The ideas are very varied. Sporty mums will love a bike ride or a hike punctuated by a family picnic.

It is also an opportunity to take her to visit places that she particularly likes or others that she would very much like to discover: a city, a museum, a castle, etc. The simple pleasures are also found in a game of bowling with the family, followed by a restaurant.

Don't forget it's your mom's day , think about what she likes to do in her spare time. Or better: what she would love to do, but she never takes the time to do.

What Basile gift to give for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is also an opportunity to offer great attention . Keep in mind that it's important to be close to your mom. Do not hesitate to offer him a gift from a brand that you particularly like. For this, Basil does not lack ideas.

Choose a Basile handbag as a gift for your mom

Maybe your mom found your latest really great handbag. Take advantage of this confidence to buy him the same one, in a similar color or another. OurApollon handbag is ideal for a Mother's Day gift . Its sleek and timeless style can only please all mothers.

But if yours has a more original style, ourAuguste bucket bag or our Elios purse will delight it. To offer a Basile handbag for Mother's Day is to choose a gift that your mom can use every day.

See shoulder bags.

Choosing a Basile scarf, a must-have for Mother's Day

The scarf is a great gift idea for your mom. Its poetic and feminine side makes it a perfect attention for this occasion. Our Basile satin scarves come in different styles depending on your mom's preferences.

Choose the scarf with floral motifs for the poetic touch, the scarf with geometric shapes for the vintage side, or our illustrated scarf for originality. The latter also exists in a square of silk. The scarf is a sensual gift that will delight your mom for Mother's Day.

See satin scarves.

Choose the Basile gift card or an accessory for the little touches

Basile accessories are also ideal for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. Opt for our bag charm or our leather pouch : in both cases, your mom can take this gift everywhere. The opportunity to keep you with her every day .

Also, if you're not sure what might make your mom happy, take advantage of the Basile gift card . From €50 to €350, you choose the amount from our seven proposals. Your mom will just have to fall for one of our products.

Mother's Day is an opportunity to please your mom with a little gift , but not only. Above all, remember to remind her that you care about her and enjoy this special day with your family.

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