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Care tips for your leather pieces

To ensure their longevity, we advise you to adopt a few simple rules:

- Protect your room from rain or water. If your piece gets wet, dab the leather with a soft, light-colored cloth to absorb the liquid.
- Never overload your bag, if it becomes difficult to close it, you have put too many things in it and you need to remove some,
- Avoid contact with fatty products or products containing solvents or alcohol (such as perfumes or cosmetic products).
- Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.
- For light colors, avoid rubbing with other materials whose color could bleed (this is the case with jeans for example). For dark colors, avoid prolonged contact with light fabrics, especially in a humid environment.
- Take care not to scratch or scrape your piece against abrasive surfaces. On certain leathers, any scratches can be reduced by gently massaging them.
- Store your leather piece in a small protective cotton or felt bag when you are not using it... even if this is unlikely ;)

In case of stains, it is best to entrust your piece to a leather specialist.